Real-time Observations:

Dissolved oxygen value at 3:00 pm at Buoy A. Western LIS Buoy is the only buoy with DO sensors deployed on surface, mid-depth and bottom in the NERACOOS region. Here is shown a graph of DO data for 14 days.
The new ocean acidification sensor at Appledore Island.

Water Quality Cruises:


Long Term Water Quality Data Collection



coliform monitoring for WQ and shellfish closures - identify these?

EPA Beach Water Quality (coliform?)

Northeast Fisheries Science Center Oceanography Branch - salinity, water temperature (cruises)

NEFSC Scientific Computer System (SCS) Alongtrack Data Processing - cruise track data include air temp, sea temp, salinity, fluorescence, wind speed, wind direction, humidity and baro-pressure.

eMOLT - Environmental monitors on lobster traps - temperature

Ship of opportunity Surveys

NOAA Mussel Watch Program


ESIP - http://www2.gulfofmaine.org/esip/map/