Real-time Wave Observations:

There are 25 buoys in the northeast that provide wave height and wave period data.

Tsunamis - Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunami (DART®) stations

Tsunami record for a Hawaii tide gauge 2/27/2010, waves are about 20 minutes in duration.



A new experimental model produced by the Boston National Weather Service produces a graphical forecast of significant wave height. This is defined as "the average height (trough to crest) of the one-third highest waves valid for the indicated period. The snapshot below is the daily view. There are also weekly views and loops.


The NERACOOS Model Forecast / Observation Viewer was designed to permit comparing model forecasts against actual observation for both wave height and water levels.


Wave Watch III Northeast wave viewer produced is the operational ocean wave predictions of NOAA/NWS/National Center for Environmental Predictions. View options include: significant wave height, wind sea wave height, primary swell wave height, secondary swell wave height, wind speed and direction, peak wave period, wind sea period, primary swell period and secondary swell period. For more detailed product descriptions.